What can we say about this place except that it is a fantastic location? This encounter gives you a great feeling when you stand on this hilltop and look down at the lower location. Another thing is that the blue sky and the green ground both appear to be embracing one another. The name “Deshdekha” is a prime illustration of this Mountain. From this vantage point, the Mayali Dam appears to be in fine shape.

From the top of Desh Dekha, you can view all of Jashpur. During rainy days, the scenery becomes even more gorgeous and enjoyable.

The panoramic view of Mayali and sunrise from this location is spectacular; nevertheless, there is a lot of fog before sunrise, and you can see the Tyndall effect on the road leading to this location.

Dangari Waterfalls

In Chhattisgarh, there are numerous religious and natural tourism attractions. If we talk about the tourism attractions in the Jashpur district in this episode, there are still many natural waterfalls that are undiscovered, one of which is Danagri Falls. Because it is hidden in the woodland and the way to get there is interesting, it is worth visiting. 

If we talk about its beauty, it is one of Chhattisgarh’s most stunning waterfalls. The surrounding deep forest, with water dripping from a height of roughly 100 feet and birds chirping, is hypnotic.

Danagri Falls is located between the villages of Sulesa and Pandarapath in the Bagicha Development Block of Chhattisgarh’s Jashpur district. This waterfall is around 200 feet tall and is divided into three sections; from afar, it appears as if there are several waterfalls. The surrounding lush green woodlands and rushing rivers provide a stunning scene. 

This location is nothing short of a nature lover’s utopia; the flowing water appears milky like milk as it hits the rocks, and the sound of the pouring water can be heard from afar. When the rays of the dying sun collide with the hill and fall on the waterfall, it creates a sparkling effect in the water.

This is the nicest picnic spot in the area for the locals. Picnics are popular among the locals. To get to the waterfall, you’ll have to walk about half a kilometer and cross a flowing river. The river can be dangerously fast during the monsoon, so be careful.

Mayali Nature Camp

The winter season is the finest time to visit Mayali. Because the temperature in the summer is around 40 degrees, and the water level in the dam rises during the rainy season, the Mayali committee does not allow anyone to visit the dam.

Mayali is 18 kilometres from its neighbouring town of Kunkuri and 25 kilometres from Jashpurnagar, it is well connected by highway NH 43, making it accessible by bike, car, or bus. Raipur, the state capital, is 453 kilometres away. Airways are not available here, and the nearest airports are in Raipur and Ranchi, both of which are roughly 186 kilometres apart.



In the northeastern Corner of Chattisgarh, India blesses the world with a spectacular piece of land submerged with the charismatic beauty of natural flora and fauna.


Jashpur, Chhattisgrah, India